Jenny Dunbar

Scottish female voiceover artist

Jenny Dunbar is one of Scotland’s most established voice artists. With over 30 years of experience, her distinctive, yet adaptable voice can be heard worldwide on commercials,  corporate videos and everything in between.

Voice services

Jenny has been providing quality voiceovers for over 3 decades. Her drama school training, acting background and years of experience allow her to easily adapt her voice to deliver the right tone and style to suit any project.


Whether you’re looking for warm & caring, smooth & sultry, upbeat & salesy or conversational & natural, Jenny is extremely versatile and easy to direct, she’ll work closely with you to deliver the perfect read for your service or product.


Professionalism is key for corporate videos, which is why Jenny is so popular for this type of voiceover work. She has the ability to turn even the most complicated script into something easy to understand. Her clear and skilful voice will bring your corporate video to life with a polished, experienced voice. 

Audio Descriptions

Providing clear and engaging audio descriptions is vital for visually impaired audiences. No matter the project, Jenny can paint a vivid picture with her warm and calming voice.


Jenny’s warm and confident voice will keep your audiences engaged at award ceremonies, events and visitor attractions. Her clear and reassuring tone makes her the perfect choice for emergency announcements in lifts, shopping centres, airports and even on oil rigs.


Let Jenny help make your online training modules an enjoyable and understandable experience with her concise and accurate narration.

Telephony (IVR)

With her welcoming and friendly voice, Jenny can guide your customers seamlessly through your telephone or IVR operating system and keep them entertained and informed whilst they’re on hold.


Add a professional flair to your podcast – Jenny can introduce guests and set the scene for your listeners.


Jenny is one of Scotlands leading voice actors but she began her career on the stage. Following her training at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, she went on to perform in many theatres, including The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Young Vic.  Playing the voice of Tinkerbell in the RSCs production of Peter Pan, was when she discovered that she loved to be ‘heard and not seen’ and decided to pursue a career in voice acting. 

It was a great decision, as over 30 years later, she’s still delighted to be recording scripts, globally, for any project, anywhere, that requires a subtly Scottish, smooth, warm and compassionate voice.  Jenny has a very mild Scottish accent, which can be cranked up, toned down or can magically disappear altogether.

When she’s not recording, Jenny loves adventures and can either, be found up mountains, cycling on country roads looking for cake shops, or hanging out with her Dulux Dog, Maisie.

In the recording studio

From her broadcast quality recording studio, Jenny can provide perfect audio files in your required format, undirected or directed, within 24 hours 


Mixer Mackie Pro
Mic Neumann TLM103
Audio interface Audient iD14
Digital Editing Adobe Audition
Headphones Beyer DT150


Jenny can either supply a fully edited recording of your script, undirected, or, she can link up with you for a directed session via Cleanfeed, Source Connect or Sessionlink Pro.


Jenny is always delighted to work around your needs. So, if you require a bespoke demo, to ensure that you’re getting the perfect read for your project, a quick turnaround for those unexpected deadlines, or if you need her outside her normal working hours, please don’t be afraid to ask, she’s always very happy to help.

Vocal samples

Jenny can comfortably adapt her voice to suit any type of project. Whether you need someone who sounds warm and compassionate, corporate and informative, silky and sophisticated, or even dark and edgy, Jenny’s accent and character can be easily adapted to suit your needs.